GMC Hummer EV Is Completely Sold Out for at Least 2 More Years

From supply constraints to factory shutdowns, there aren’t enough trucks being built to fulfill tens of thousands of reservations—and there won’t be for a while.

byPeter Holderith|
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It seems demand for the 2022 GMC Hummer EV is as massive as the vehicle itself. The automaker is unable to keep up and had previously closed orders for both the SUV and pickup versions of the electric truck for next year. But even if you already have a reservation for one, it might be a while until you actually get your Hummer—and we're talking years, not months—because it's really, truly, all sold out.

GMC's global vice president Duncan Aldred revealed the truck's status during briefing for the Sierra EV pickup, reports GM Authority. According to him, both the pickup and SUV versions of the truck are sold out “for two years or more.” Keep in mind the Hummer SUV isn't even being built yet.

The "or more" part of Aldred's statement could hint at the problems GMC has been having producing the vehicles. First, it was a lack of battery cells. That issue has been partially addressed by the addition of a new cell plant in Ohio, and of course GM has a big domestic battery manufacturing plan for the 2020s that it's just starting to roll out. Now, there are a handful of issues with the truck, some safety-related and others not. In any case, rectifying those problems is slowing things down. But that's not all.


To make matters even tougher, in November GM's Factory Zero—where the Hummer EV is built—will shut down for a few weeks as it gets upgraded tooling in order to simultaneously produce the new Silverado EV. While it's down, nothing will be built.

The pace of Hummer EV manufacturing has been picking up in recent months. In September, GM was able to build 700 Hummer EVs—as GM Authority pointed out, that represents around a third of all of the units built so far—well up from its rate of about a dozen a day back in the summer. Keep in mind that GMC started screwing these things together way back in December of 2021; almost a year ago now. That success is now a double-edged sword—more trucks are being built with each passing month, but that November pause will now push hundreds of trucks further into the backlog.

A bit of speculation: This might be why GMC is reportedly considering a smaller Hummer EV model. The huge amount of cells needed to produce not only the Hummer EV but also the Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV pickups might be a bit too much to sustain the demand for the Hummer-hungry. A smaller Hummer with say, half the cells, might be a good way to get more butts in high-riding seats. GM, after all, has a deep electric parts bin now. If those rumors do come to fruition, you know where you'll find out first.

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