GMC Carbon Fiber Truck Bed Pricing Revealed for 2019 Sierra AT4 and Denali

Surprise! It's not cheap.

One of the biggest innovations on the new 2019 GMC Sierra is the industry-first carbon fiber composite bed. Dubbed CarbonPro, GMC promised that it’d be an alternative to steel and a truck bedliner. After a really long wait, we finally know how much you’ll have to shell out to get it—but there’s a catch—we still don’t know how much it costs on its own.

For the remainder of the 2019 model year, the CarbonPro bed will be offered as part of a select package in the AT4 off-road truck or the luxury-focused Denali.

For the AT4, the price is $66,635, and it includes nearly every available AT4 option, including the performance exhaust on the 6.2-liter V8 and the trick camera rearview mirror. Also, it includes the integrated Kicker tailgate speaker that is optional for the MultiPro origami tailgate which is standard on AT4 and Denali.

The Denali CarbonPro rings the cash register at $70,020. This is a fully-loaded Denali and includes the CarbonPro badging and unique 22-inch wheels, plus the Kicker speaker system and more.

Production for the 2019 CarbonPro package trucks will be a bit limited for several reasons, but mainly because the model year is nearly over. GMC told The Drive that for 2020, the GMC Sierra will have more trucks available with more options for the CarbonPro bed.

“When you look through the option lists yourself and do the math, what you’ll find is that these customers are getting our best innovation and the carbon fiber bed is included for no incremental cost—they’ll have the envy of the truck industry at a tremendous value,” said Duncan Aldred, VP of global Buick and GMC.

CarbonPro is the most durable pickup truck bed that General Motors has ever engineered, and it does command a premium price due to the nature of the material used. But while both of these trucks are expensive, they’re still competitively priced with other half-ton trucks from Ford and Ram, while carrying a unique offering that neither of them possesses. Plus, CarbonPro is engineered and built in America, as we recently found out during a tour of its manufacturing facility.