2022 GMC Hummer EV Recalled for Water Leaks in Its Battery

Water is a consistent nemesis for the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. This time GM says water can leak into the battery.

byAaron Cole|
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Not much can stop the big, 9,000-pound 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup on the road. That is, not much except water

That’s because General Motors announced this month that it would recall hundreds of Hummer EV pickups and associated Brightdrop EV600 vans for a faulty battery seal that can let in water, which would make the vehicles undrivable. So far, GM says it’s aware of three defective Hummer EV pickups, two of which would not start and the third lost drive on the road. 

GM also issued a stop-sale on the Hummer EV pickups while it explores a potential fix for the issue. Customers awaiting delivery of their Hummer EV will have to wait longer and any pickups on dealers’ lots—highly unlikely due to high demand and low supply—will stay there a little longer. 

It’s the latest issue the Hummer EV has had with water. Earlier this year, GM issued a technical service bulletin for improperly sealed A-pillars that could let in water, which could cause the window switches and driver’s side mirror to malfunction. Owners have also complained about the Hummer EV’s removable roof panels, which could let in collected water. 

In paperwork filed with federal regulators regarding the battery seal, GM said 89 Brightdrop and 735 GMC Hummers could be affected by the defect. GM said Hummers produced between Nov. 9, 2021, and Sept. 28, 2022, are affected, which may very well be all of them. 

No crashes or injuries have been reported due to the defect. GM said under-cured urethane seals from the battery pack supplier were the cause of the suspected leaks. 

Although GM says it doesn’t yet have a fix, whatever fix could prove challenging—the GMC Hummer EV’s battery packs are understandably not easy to get to. 

It’s the second recall for the Hummer EV this year related to its electric propulsion. GM announced a customer service program for high-voltage connectors that could let water in, although stopped short of announcing a full recall. 

Hummer EV owners can check NHTSA.gov to see if their vehicle is affected by the recall. 

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