Ford Slashes 2023 Mustang Mach-E Price by up to $8,100 With 0% APR

Now's a really great time to nab a solid, yet slow-selling EV.

Ford wants more butts in Mustang Mach-E seats, so it’s slashing the prices of its electric SUV across the board. Each Mach-E trim level will get a pretty hefty MSRP drop, to go along with 0% APR financing for 72 months or a “Red Carpet” $7,500 lease incentive, depending on which route you take. The only caveat is that these discounts only apply to leftover 2023 stock.

“We are adjusting pricing for MY23 models as we continue to adapt to the market to achieve the optimal mix of sales growth and customer value,” Ford spokesperson Martin Günsberg told The Drive.


While every 2023 Mustang Mach-E is cheaper than before, not all price drops are equal. The base model Mach E Select rear-wheel drive gets a $3,100 discount, bringing the MSRP down from $44,795 to $41,695 (after $1,800 destination fee). The biggest MSRP drops are on the Mach-E Premium Extended Range (both RWD and AWD) and the California Route 1 AWD, with an $8,100 price decrease.

ModelFormer MSRPNew MSRPDiscount
Select RWD$44,795$41,695$3,100
Select AWD$47,795$44,695$3,100
Premium RWD (Standard Range)$48,795$44,695$4,100
Premium AWD (Standard Range)$51,795$47,695$4,100
Premium RWD (Extended Range)$55,795$47,695$8,100
Premium AWD (Extended Range)$58,795$50,695$8,100
California Route 1 AWD$58,795$50,695$8,100
GT Performance$66,795$59,195$7,600
All prices listed include destination charges.

If you lease the cheapest model—the Mach-E Select RWD—the MSRP becomes $34,195 after the $7,500 lease incentive. That gets you a 72 kWh (usable) battery pack, a single rear-mounted motor, and 266 horsepower. What’s interesting about these discounts is that the Premium RWD model becomes as cheap as the Select AWD model. In other words, if you can live without all-wheel drive, you can get some upgraded interior goodies at no extra cost.


Of course, this is only on 2023 model-year Mach-E vehicles, so you’ll have to scour your local dealerships for last year’s leftover cars. And since these are MSRP changes, and not discounts that require any sort of eligibility, the only thing you need to do to save money on a Mustang Mach-E is pick out the right one.

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