A Tesla Cybertruck Lift Kit Is Already Here and It Costs $10,000

You’ll know your IT manager has gotten a raise when he shows up with this.

byJames Gilboy|
Unplugged Performance Tesla Cybertruck lift
Unplugged Performance


The first Tesla Cybertrucks were delivered to customers only a couple of weeks ago, but their owners can already choose from a wealth of aftermarket parts for them. Tesla add-on manufacturer Unplugged Performance appears to be first to the punch, with a line of off-roading parts that'll make Cybertruck owners fit right in at mall parking lot Jeep meets.

Jokes aside, plenty of these parts look like they're actually functional, and they should be quality products if Unplugged's history is anything to go by. They're headlined by a 2.5-inch lift kit made entirely from billet aluminum, replacing everything down to the factory's dubious stamped upper wishbones. At $9,995 it's not cheap, but proper lifts never are.

Installing that will let you fit taller tires to boost ground clearance, possible on some of Unplugged's aftermarket wheels. There's one hexagonal set that looks like Alfa Romeo's phone dials after 300 micrograms of LSD, or the option of forged 20s with real bead locks. Unplugged also offers everything from steel bumpers and battery skid plates to rock sliders, a bull bar, and quick-disconnect sway bar end links for additional articulation. Not a bad set of mods overall.

But not everything in the catalog is as functional, or tasteful—if you can even say that about the Cybertruck in the first place. Take for example the carbon fiber hood with an LED light bar and the carbon fender flares; those'll be $1,995 and $2,895 each, please. If weight matters, maybe don't buy a truck with a questionably bulletproof stainless steel body to begin with.

Then there's the roof rack that covers the Cybertruck's TV dinner tray of a bed, making it even harder to access, and the MOLLE side rack that says it's for "zombie apocalypse gear."

Still, on the whole, I'm more impressed with the first line of Cybertruck accessories (Cybertruccessories) than I would have expected. It might be downhill from here, especially if it gets the same treatment as that lifted Rivian. If you didn't think the Cybertruck could get any more… polarizing, you've got another thing coming.

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