2016 Ford Mustang Vandalized in Bizarre Barrel Fire Wood Fight

A dude went after a woman’s 2016 Ford Mustang. Go figure.

byMax Goldberg|
Ford News photo


It's a cruel world we live in. People get angry, things get broken. Sometimes that anger is between two individuals, and it results in damage to someone’s vehicle. Keying, kicking, smashing, denting, spray painting, setting the vehicle ablaze, improvising and using whatever tool happens to be nearest—there are many ways to excise your rage on a motor vehicle. In a nation with tens of millions of cars and 310 million oftentimes angry people, the variety of violence is nearly limitless.

The Man Began Striking the Victim's Mustang With a Flaming Log

Still, this story out of Bibb County, Georgia is a little more bizarre than we were ready for. On January, 20th Bibb County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fight just several blocks from the county jail. According to the report, three females were standing around a barrel fire when a man unrelated to the party approached them and began arguing.  The incident escalated to assault when the man began hitting the complainant’s friends. Eventually, the man removed a log from the barrel fire, struck the complainant in the shin and then proceeded to beat her 2016 Ford Mustang.

Just to recap, there were three women around a barrel fire and one of the women owned a 2016 Ford Mustang…

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