Watch This 2,000-Horsepower Nissan GT-R Crash at 218 MPH

When suspension pieces break at more than 200 mph, bad things can happen—fast.

byAaron Brown|
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The stock 565-horsepower Nissan GT-R is a staggeringly quick sports car. Up the engine's power until the car gushes out 2,000 hp, however, and it basically becomes a weapon on wheels. And as one driver learned when he nearly flipped his GT-R at more than 200 mph during a drag race, even the best weapon can backfire.

video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week shows a Nissan GT-R modified with Switzer Performance parts to make 2,000 hp taking a stab at a straight-line speed run...with painful results. In the video, the driver seems to have the pedal to the firewall while trying to keep the car stable and settled over the slightly uneven road surface—which is not exactly ideal. Nevertheless, all seems to be going well and good...until the car begins to spin while traveling more than 200 mph.

Somehow, the tuned Nissan GT-R doesn't roll over and smashing itself into little pieces. Which the driver ought to be thankful for, because from the video, it looks like this this GT-R's roll cage (which isn't really visible from the clip but the description claims it exists) doesn't wrap around the whole cockpit. Most of the other equipment you would like to have keeping you safe in a 200-plus mph car crash appears nowhere to be found, either.

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