This Outrageous Dodge Ram 50 Is ’90s Radness in Truck Form

It hurts the eyes so good.

Thanks to aging Millennials desperate for simpler times and Zoomers living through the typical 30-year cycle of nostalgia, the 1990s are so hot right now. This won’t be news to anyone who’s been to a Radwood show or two. And if more tethers to the past are better, then the only rolling time machine more effective than a plutonium-powered DeLorean is this Diamond Star Motors-era Dodge Ram show truck currently listed on Cars & Bids. It’s aggressively ’90s. 

This Dodge Ram 50—a DSM-repatriated Mitsubishi Mighty Max—show truck was according to its listing originally built in 1992 for a woman in Atlanta. Her eventual passing permitted its transfer to one Bobby Arkwright, who rechristened the truck “Timecapsule” and turned its styling up to 11.

1989 Dodge Ram 50 show truck, Cars & Bids

Arkwright changed the Ram’s paint to a loud, two-tone scheme with checkering motifs galore and color-keyed headlight block-outs. Though he left the original owner’s under-hood airbrushing untouched, he splatter-painted the remainder of the engine bay and bed, where there’s an air compressor for the bed’s airbag tilt mechanism. 

With the bed raised, it bathes the painted frame and drivetrain in pink underglow and exposes the lowering suspension that helps 16-inch Weld forged alloys fill the fenders.

The interior isn’t quite as coherently period-correct as the exterior, with Bentley-esque tweed seats that make you wonder if you should be playing Harry Enfield through its enhanced sound system. They clash strangely with the bowling alley-worth floor mats and splatter-painted green interior panels, which make up a minority of the interior trim. It’s almost like the truck’s current owner got halfway through executing their vision of the interior before they bailed, and listed their truck for auction on Cars & Bids.

As for that auction, it’s sitting at $6,700 as of this writing with three days to go, making this nearly 192,000-mile DSM truck no steal as small classic trucks go. When it comes to getting the most nostalgia for your buck, though, it may be hard to beat.

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