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This Goofy-Lookin’ ’90s Ford Concept Truck Is For Sale In Detroit

Beauty truly lies in the eye of the keyholder.

First appearing at the 1993 Detroit auto show, this wonky Ford concept truck just landed on Craigslist in Commerce, Michigan for anyone with an open mind and $20k to burn. It goes by name the “Predator” and the concept is based off the Ford F-250, designed after the SVT Lightning, with one very notable distinction — every last exterior body panel is comprised of fiberglass. 

According to Road & Track, who happened upon the posting, the seller is a man named Deone. After he decided that this red devil was the ride for him, he took to inquiring with Ford over the next couple of years in an effort to purchase the vehicle. As luck would have it, the Predator was moved after the Detroit show to a warehouse that just happened to belong to Deone’s friend. 

Ford finally gave in to the man’s requests to purchase, but not before removing the transmission and gas tank for obvious liability purposes. Still, Ford left behind the truck’s 351-cubic-inch V8 engine, the brakes, the gauges and the air conditioning. And a point of interest, the doors are operated electronically courtesy of a button on the back side of each handle.  

But wait, there’s a rub. For however curious a collector’s item the Predator may be, it does not have a VIN, which makes the truck more of a driveway ornament as it is not road legal. But if you’re on the hunt for a cartoonish project, opportunities as rare as this one are hard to come by.