Tesla Model 3 Is Crowned as America’s ‘Best Selling’ Electric Car

The electric sedan had more deliveries than the Toyota Prius and Chevy Bolt.

byRob Stumpf|

Despite what seems like repeat productivity setbacks, Tesla is pumping out more cars than ever. In fact, it's delivering so many cars that Bloomberg has crowned it America's Best-Selling Electric Car; and they're right!

Since January, Tesla has been competing with the likes of Chevrolet and Toyota to mass-produce its flagship entry into the affordable electric sedan, the Model 3. Bad pictures have been painted over Tesla repeatedly missing its production targets of the Model 3. New information regarding Tesla's actual productivity compared to its competitors reveal that the electric vehicle manufacturer has actually been hard at work, more so than its competitors.

Since January, Tesla proved its worth by delivering 25 percent more cars than its closest selling competitor, the Toyota Prius, and nearly double the amount of Chevy Bolts delivered in the same time.

  • Tesla Model 3: 8,180 units delivered
  • Toyota Prius: 6,468 units delivered
  • Chevrolet Bolt: 4,375 units delivered

Although Tesla may have earned the title for the first quarter of 2018, it will need to continue improving its manufacturing process towards its target number. You see, in 2017, Tesla CEO Elon Musk estimated that the company would scale to manufacturer 5,000 units per week within its second quarter of 2018, and ultimately produce over 10,000 units per week by year-end 2018. According to recent data, the automaker has yet to top 2,000 units per week, meaning that it is still fighting the horizontal axis of the manufacturing S-Curve.

Tesla knew they were in for an uphill battle when it began production on the Model 3. Musk called it "production hell," and it is seemingly reaffirmed each time the company hits a snag with the production of America's best-selling electric car. As the company ramps up its manufacturing of the sedan, more orders will begin being fulfilled, making new owners proud of the car they waited so long for. And with EVs becoming even more popular, Tesla has a seemingly insatiable appetite to feed.