Watch a Young Girl Hide Behind a Lifted Ram Pickup Truck to Escape Possible Kidnapper

Bro truck to the rescue.

byJerry Perez|
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A young girl from Vacaville, California can be praised for her quick-thinking and overall awareness after escaping a nasty situation she found herself in last Friday when an unknown male in a Pontiac G6 sedan circled her several times as she walked down the street alone. The girl quickly sprung into action and took cover behind a lifted Ram pickup truck, successfully eluding the possible kidnapper.

According to KCRA, the young girl, whose identity was not released for safety reasons, was walking around a housing subdivision near Ulatis Drive and Leisure Town Road in Vacaville when she became aware that a car was closely following her every move. Police say that the girl performed a couple of evasive moves, such as turning on a different street or crossing to the opposite side of the road, but the car never stopped following her.

Luckily, while walking down Leisure Town Road she was picked up by a home security camera, which is how the creepy and hair-raising video (especially for a parent) was released to the authorities and the general public. It's unknown if the girl was aware of the camera, but the footage shows that she promptly hid behind a lifted blue Ram pickup truck as the creepy man in the G6 drove by.

Perhaps the moment when the creeper's intentions are revealed is when he turns around several times to see where the girl is hiding. He even stops and backs up multiple times while hoping to get a glimpse of her. According to the report, the girl pretended to be using a cell phone (it's unclear if she actually had one), but she intelligently never escaped the safety of the lifted pickup truck.

Thankfully, as weird as it may sound, we'll never know what the man's intentions were, but it's safe to say that this was definitely a close call and that kids (and adults) should always remain aware of their surroundings.