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Ford’s New VIN Tool Can Answer All of Your Towing Questions About a New or Used Truck

The VIN calculator shows you a truck's specifics like engine info, wheelbase, box-length, axle ratio, drivetrain, towing packages, etc.

If you own a Ford truck and aren’t entirely sure how much stuff it can tow or carry, Ford has got your back with a new and nifty tool. The new VIN Specific Calculator takes a Ford vehicle’s VIN and spits out a whole bunch of stats like engine info, wheelbase, box-length, axle ratio, drivetrain configuration, any optional towing or payload packages selected from the factory, as well as towing capacity, max payload, GVWR, and GCWR. 

Found here on Ford’s fleet-dedicated website, it even lets you input your current trailer weight, towing method, tongue percent, cargo weight, and passenger weight (be honest, now) to tell you how much payload and GCW you have left to play with. This should be quite helpful if you ever find yourself second-guessing whether your Ford can indeed safely handle a given job, or for the next time any annoying Chevy fans question the capabilities of your rivaling truck


It should also be quite helpful for those shopping for used Ford trucks and would like to identify a given candidate’s true capabilities without taking the seller’s word for it, or digging through old internet articles. 

For the uninitiated, payload refers to how much people and cargo you can carry inside of the truck and its bed while towing capacity, as you hopefully have already gathered, specifies how much you can tow behind said truck on a trailer. Feel free to peruse our various Cars 101 pages on the subjects for more in-depth explanations. 

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