The Drive Teams With Blipshift to Offer Discerning Enthusiasts the Perfect Pasha Tee

Feel confident, feel bold, feel Pasha.

Let’s take it back to 1978. The first LaserDisc hit shelves, LEGO’s little yellow man was born, and Grease was the word. Life was good. But while Travolta’s coiffed ‘do spawned many imitators, what made 1978 special was the Porsche’s 928 and the debut of its whimsical Pasha fabric. And now, thanks to The Drive’s

latest collaboration with Blipshift, you too can upholster yourself in a perfect Pasha tee.

Porsche’s owners had already enjoyed fanciful patterns like Pepita (houndstooth), Tartan (plaid), and Pinstripes (er, pinstripes). Pash was inspired by a waving checkered flag. The intricate pattern was unlike any Porsche design before, and was nearly impossible to mass-produce, making each car’s interior unique. Pasha broke the norm of what interior design could look like and was extremely successful. 

Porsche’s Pasha interior pattern., Porsche

Due to massive demand, Pasha was later introduced as an option throughout the company’s entire lineup. This Pasha craze lead to Porsche’s “Heritage Design Strategy”—an initiative that would lead to Porsche Exclusive, solidifying the company’s reputation for factory customization. Even today, no more than two identical 911’s are built each year

For Pasha fans, the pattern signifies freedom of design, individuality, and confidence—something we don’t see from modern manufacturers’ conservative interior designs. Ivo van Hulten, Porsche’s Head of Interior Design puts it best. “Individual memories are brought to life by certain colors, haptics, or patterns,” he says. “This trend, which we also see in the fashion world or interior design, is the core idea of this strategy. 


Beyond the tactility of a vintage Porsche, enthusiasts appreciate the brand’s unique design elements. It’s why The Drive‘s own Alex Roy drives a Morgan Three-Wheeler and it’s why Pasha is the perfect print for our next collaboration with Blipshift. 

Driving something bland and gray, no matter how well it performs, is boring. There’s no thrill. We want the choice to declare ourselves, our confidence, and our freedom. Pasha, even just in the form of a soft and silky t-shirt, can do that. And by democratizing Pasha, you too can tangibly feel those things. 

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