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What Collab Between Two Car Companies Would You Like to See?

Two automakers walk into a room...

Have you ever been told you’re “stuck in your ways?” We all get used to our mundane routines to the point that things start to blend together, and it can be hard to think outside the box. Automakers can suffer from this too, creating a barrage of beige-mobiles that lack originality, or simply have lost sense of a company’s heritage.  

This got me thinking: What collaboration would you like to see between two car companies? Maybe if we look beyond a design studio’s walls and invite new designers and engineers to a cross-functional project, the end result will be a common goal loved by car lovers everywhere.

via Subaru

Now, this isn’t a foreign concept. Automakers have been doing this for years. There was the collaborative Diamond Star Motors (which, in my very correct opinion, represented the pinnacle of Mitsubishi’s sports car years), the Toyobaru, and even the new Toyota Supra has BMW underpinnings.

The point is, sometimes automakers working together is good and the end result could be a product that would have otherwise not made enough financial sense to bring to market by itself. So while we wait to see what GM and Honda have cooking up, maybe it’s time we make a few pairings of our own.

For example, the Honda Ridgeline is extremely quirky but has been ridiculed because of its unibody. Should Honda and GM really be working towards an all-new body-on-frame pickup? There’s also the more pressing matter of sports cars; just who should be tasked at creating what could be one of the last gasoline-powered masterpieces? Or maybe you want to take this thing off the rails and get something going with Volkswagen’s sausages and Ikea’s Swedish meatballs?

The possibilities here to create something incredible are endless, and you, my friends, are in charge. Tell me.

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