Colorado Auto Shop Forced to Relocate Is Selling Italian Classics for $250 Each

The inventory of more than 70 vehicles includes dozens of Fiats, Lancias, and even Subarus and Yugos.

byChris Chin|
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Are you a Fiat fan and on the hunt for a new project, or perhaps, a donor car for some hard-to-find parts? A small restoration shop out of Englewood, Colorado might be your next stop as Aspen Import Auto is supposedly offering up a flash-sale of nearly its entire inventory. The shop posted on its Facebook page that it needs to get rid of a significant portion of its inventory, most of which are being offered for only $250, otherwise they’ll all be destined for the great junkyard in the sky and sent to the crusher.

The Facebook post shares details about 73 cars in total that need to be off-loaded from the shop’s premises, the majority of which consist of Fiat 124 Spiders from the 1970s. There are even a few oddballs thrown in, such as a couple of X1/9s, a few 128 sedans, several 850 models in various body styles, and even some incredibly rare 131 sedans and wagons.

But the collection isn’t just limited to Fiats, as the flash sale even includes some Lancia Scorpions. The biggest oddballs in the sale, however, are a Lancia Beta, Subaru XT6, and even a random Yugo.

The only caveat to this flash sale is that any prospective buyers are responsible for picking up the cars themselves as none of them are reportedly in running condition and all transactions are for cash-on-the-spot.

Still, this might be your chance to pick up a rare Italian gem for a fraction of the price and if you’re resourceful enough either as a shop owner or a home mechanic, you can probably pickup a sweet project from this offering.

Check out photos of Aspen Import Auto’s “Great Fiat Sale of 2019” on their Google Photo album.

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