There’s a 3D-Printed Record Player in the Lexus IS Wax Edition’s Glovebox

Lexus says the ride is so smooth you won’t have to worry about scratching the vinyl. Also, it has a stabilizing motor for that.

byChris Tsui|
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Lexus has a history of applying weird mods nobody asked for to its IS sedan for internet clout. And no, I'm not talking about the V8 in the upcoming IS 500 that surely everybody asked for and should be cherished until the end of time. I'm talking about the Twitch chat-spec IS that features a gaming PC in the trunk, neon lights in the interior, and a curved monitor in the passenger area. I'm talking about the Sriracha IS that came out in 2016 rocking a Sriracha bottle color scheme—hot sauce red paint with bottle cap green accents. 

Well, say hello to Lexus' newest unnecessary concept creation: the IS Wax Edition, a matte black 2021 model that happens to have a damn record player in the glovebox. 


Launched in collaboration with Pitchfork and artists MC Madlib and Kaytranada, who debuted their new joint double-single in the cabin of this car, the Wax Edition IS was built by Los Angeles-based fabricator SCPS. Using a rotating motor to stabilize the turntable and prevent skips while the car is in motion, the record player itself was made by a 3D printer, features machined aluminum and carbon fiber, and can play full-size 12-inch records.

Here's a video documenting how the car came together.

This being a concept car created mostly in the name of marketing, the Lexus IS Wax Edition is not for sale but will be on display at future Lexus events and whatnot. While you may not be able to spec an actual IS with a turntable in the glovebox, you will be able to get it with the company's quite excellent 17-speaker, 1,800-watt Mark Levinson sound system. 

Now, who wants to guess what ridiculously random thing Lexus will do to the IS next?

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