Hyundai Palisade Owner With Stinky Headrests Gets Their SUV Bought Back Via Lemon Law

Enough is enough.

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If a listing from Manheim Auto Auctions shared on Facebook is to be believed, it appears that at least one Hyundai Palisade owner has been able to get their SUV bought back after dealing with a rather stinky situation. As we've covered in-depth before, Palisade owners have been complaining of foul and downright disgusting smells emanating from the SUV's interior since the vehicle went on sale to the public, but have mostly been given the runaround by the automaker. If true, this buy-back Palisade could mean that things are starting to change.

This Palisade popped up for sale at Manheim auction in Orlando, Florida recently, noting that it was a manufacturer buyback vehicle under state or federal-level Lemon Law. Buried inside the small wall of text is a detail that we're intimately familiar with at this point: headrest odor.

via Facebook, Manheim Auto Auction

In case you're not up to speed; Palisade buyers united to voice their concerns on forums and social media before Hyundai engineers were able to determine that the smell was emanating from the foam inside of the seat's headrests. Hyundai then published a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that involved the spraying of one of three "neutralizing agents" directly onto the foam and into the headrest mounting holes. One of said neutralizing agents being, no joke, Febreze. Voilà—no more odor that resembles garlic with a hint of ass.

Or so they thought.

Owners on Palisade Forum report having to go back two or three times before their odor woes were remedied, some even requiring a new headrest assembly altogether. But apparently, one owner wasn't having it and after 7,141 pungent miles, convinced Hyundai to buy back the SUV.

Apparently a few customers have threatened this action so far, but this is the first stinky seat buyback that we've actually seen awaiting the auction block. But with the price of used cars skyrocketing and new car production still dwindling, it might make sense for a dealership to scoop up this particular Palisade and throw it on the lot—after dumping a bottle of Febreze into it, of course.

We've reached out to Hyundai for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

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