Four Kids Steal Nissan Patrol SUV, Go on 600-Mile Joyride Across Australia

“I suppose a couple cans of Red Bull and you’re likely to do anything,” said Inspector Darren Williams of the kids’ long-haul driving skills.

byStef Schrader|
Four Kids Steal Nissan Patrol SUV, Go on 600-Mile Joyride Across Australia

Four Australian children took a family member's 2004 Nissan Patrol SUV on an incredible 600-mile joyride across eastern Australia, reports ABC. A 14-year-old boy, two 13-year-old boys, and a 10-year-old girl left Saturday night from Gracemere, Queensland, and made it all the way to west of Grafton, New South Wales, before they were apprehended by police. 

The kids' long drive shocked one officer who worked on the case, as the trek takes over 10 hours without any stops. "It's a pretty big journey. It's a long way for a person to do it, but I suppose a couple cans of Red Bull and you're likely to do anything," NSW Inspector Darren Williams said to 9News. 

Police told 9News that they believe more than one kid drove during the trip. 

Screencap via 9News

The nicely modified four-wheel-drive Nissan Patrol belonged to the father of one of the boys, so they simply used Dad's keys to get in. One boy in the group was even considerate enough to leave a note for his family before they left. The group took fishing rods and cash along with the Patrol. 

The family truck wasn't the only thing they allegedly stole, reports ABC. They also are accused of stealing fuel from a service station in Banana, Queensland, early Sunday morning. 

Highway Patrol briefly tried to pursue the vehicle but stopped when they realized that they were chasing a group of children. They ultimately found the Patrol late Sunday night, parked alongside the Gwdyir Parkway, west of Grafton. Even then, the kids put up a fight. 

"The children were directed to open the doors to the vehicles [but] they've locked themselves in the car and police have had to use a baton to get into the vehicle to arrest them," Williams told ABC.

Screencap via 9News

The baton ended up breaking the glass of the window next to the driver's seat.

The teens and 10-year-old will face charges for their alleged carjacking and gas-stealing adventure. Not all of the children are related, so three of the kids remain in custody, with one boy having been picked up from the station. 

As for the Nissan, the father plans to fly to New South Wales to pick it up along with his child.