What Two Cars Would Look Surprisingly Good Combined?

When automotive face swaps go right.

Last week, we learned how mind-bogglingly good a Nissan 240SX can look with the taillights of a Dodge Charger. It’s almost NSX-like with its prominent horizontal light bar and simple, old Japanese-car proportions. 

This got us thinking: Which two cars would look surprisingly good combined?

Unnecessary automobile nose swaps. | Facebook

Mazda’s corporate face on the body of a McLaren? Jaguar F-Type with the face and tail of the Mustang? Or perhaps you’d like to aggravate ‘Stang fans even more by grafting the Ford muscle car’s front and rear ends onto the body of a Camaro?

For actual examples of automotive face swaps that weirdly look way better than they have any right to, one only has to turn to the “Unnecessary automobile nose swaps” Facebook page. I mean, look at this Lamborghini Aventador with the face of a Toyota Starlet. In theory, this should never look good but yet it kind of does and makes you think about what kind of beautiful designs the modern car industry is missing out on thanks to everybody’s obsession with squinty, aggressive front ends.

Or what about this Cadillac CTS-V wagon with the front end of a GMC Yukon? It’s the GM parts-bin special we deserve.

My favorite, however, has to be this undoubtedly rad-looking McLaren 765LT with the face of a Mazda3. Not only does it give us a tantalizing look at what that elusive mid-engined rotary Mazda RX-9 supercar could look like but it—I’m gonna say it—might just be aesthetically superior to the real McLaren 765LT.

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