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It Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing How Good Dodge Charger Taillights Look on a Nissan 240SX

Want to break something in your brain in a good, SR20DET-swapped way?

A 1992 Nissan 240SX comes stock with a pleasing taillight arrangement, with an attractive heckblende between its two taillights. But what if you wanted the full width of the car to light up? 

Up for sale on Facebook Marketplace right now is a combo that has no right to work as well as it does: a Nissan 240SX with a full-width Dodge Charger taillight swap. It’s just about as wide as the car itself, but it also looks like it belongs there. 

Facebook | Corey Dozanti

The bright red manual-transmission 240SX was clearly set up for maximum fun, featuring a Nissan SR20DET engine swap, BC coilovers and aftermarket Wilwood disc brakes, among other unlisted upgrades. The head was recently ported and polished, plus there’s a new clutch and aluminum flywheel. The rear bumper is really a series of bars that look like they should keep that custom Charger taillight swap out of most harm’s way. 

Back to that taillight swap, though. Maybe it’s the similarity in shape to other heckblende-happy import joys of the era, like the Acura NSX or the 240SX itself. Maybe it’s that the outline that lights up fits so well proportionally across the 240SX’s rear. Either way, this car has broken my brain in a pleasant way, like seeing semi-truck racing on the Nürburgring, watching a three-wheeled Reliant Robin take on Moab, or finding out that a Tex-Mex joint also makes really, really good biscuits. 

Facebook | Corey Dozanti

I’m sure there are other taillight swaps that work far better than they have any right to. Let us know in the comments which ones made you do a double-take. 

You can check out the full Facebook Marketplace listing with a couple extra photos here

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