BMW’s Cyberpunk Motorrad Definition CE 04 Concept Is Here to Drag Scooters Into the Future

This electric two-wheeler isn't just a wannabe anime mount—it's a clever scooter with a low-mounted battery, helmet storage and more.

Unless you’re into retro-cool Vespas, scooter design can be a bit lacking. Let’s face it, the ride-sharing Revels are really just things city folks tip over because we have no cows. Finally, BMW wants to bring urban two-wheelin’ into the future with an electric concept that looks like it’s straight out of a cyberpunk anime: the Motorrad Definition CE 04. 

It’s everything most electric scooters aren’t: angular, long and low. The rear of the scooter was left uncovered to both show off the machinery powering it and give off serious sci-fi vibes. The pearly white exterior is a nice contrast with the matte black mechanical bits, too. 


Most importantly, the Motorrad Definition CE 04 sounds like a delightfully functional vehicle. The drivetrain is very compact and the flat battery is mounted in the bottom of the scooter, allowing for a low center of gravity that should be easier to ride and tons of storage up top. Its illuminated under-seat storage area has a door that opens up horizontally and enough room to stash a helmet. 

Details are scarce as it’s not a production vehicle, but it was designed first and foremost for city commuters, who BMW says ride about 7.5 miles a day or less. The “floating” bench seat was designed for more leg room even for taller riders, and it features a 10.25-inch screen that’s designed to be connected to a smartphone. That screen would be the biggest ever on a scooter if the Motorrad Definition CE 04 ever goes into production. 

The Motorrad Definition CE 04’s lighted parka in use., BMW

BMW even designed a trick new parka to go with the Motorrad Definition CE 04 with light guides on the sleeves and hood for better visibilty and an inside pocket with an inductive charging field for a smartphone. The wearer can turn on and even change the color of the parka’s lights from inside its sleeve. 

All we have to say is…build it. As The Verge notes, the Motorrad Definition CE 04 looks to be a futuristic step up from its 2014 C Evolution electric scooter, which featured a top speed of 80 mph and an impressive 99 miles of range. It was a pricey scooter then, though, and didn’t look as cool. If there was ever a time where we need a more affordable electric scooter that matches the dystopian mood in the room, it’s now. 

Bonus: BMW also released some of its design sketches for the Motorrad Definition CE 04 that truly take this design to its logical neon cyberpunk conclusion. Enjoy!

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