The Aston Martin AMR-C01 Is a Carbon Fiber Racing Sim Rig Modeled After the Valkyrie Hypercar

With a starting price of nearly $74,000, even simulating the Valkyrie ain’t cheap.

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If you're tired of waiting for your $3.3 million Aston Martin Valkyrie V12 hypercar or simply couldn't reserve one before they were all sold out, you can now experience the car virtually. Aston Martin partnered with its works driver Darren Turner's company, Curv Racing Simulators, to create the AMR-C01, Aston's first-ever racing simulator. 

According to Aston, the seating position of the AMR-C01 is the same as what you would experience in the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar. Buyers can customize the trim of the carbon fiber seat, which was designed specifically for the AMR-C01. The pedal box is electronically adjustable for multiple drivers' heights, and the pedals themselves have 200 mm of travel. 

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The steering wheel doesn't actually look like the Valkyrie's, but it does look like it's straight out of a top-level Le Mans car or formula racer. It features a full-color LCD display, carbon fiber paddle shifters, dual clutch paddles with an adjustable bite point, nine rotary dials and 12 push buttons. 

All of these components sit in a lightweight, rigid full carbon fiber monocoque with a front end designed to look like the nose of Aston Martin's cars. That added lightness may not matter time- or performance-wise for a stationary item in your living room, but it will certainly look cool, and you'll be able to hone some of your real-life driving skills in the process. 

Best of all, this sleek design hides all the rig's machinery that makes it work (such as the steering motor and the actuators for the pedal box) from dust and dirt. 

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Each AMR-C01 sim rig is handmade by the team at Curv and features the latest Assetto Corsa sim software. While the announcement didn't mention any moving components that simulate the motion of your virtual car, it does feature a wide, curved QHD 32:9 aspect ratio monitor to focus your attention in the sim. Sound comes from internal speakers and a Sennheiser headset. 

Just like the Valkyrie road car itself, though, only 150 AMR-C01s will be sold. It's also not cheap, with a listed-in-pounds-only base price of £57,500, or $73,951 U.S., per today's exchange rate. Those of you who are interested in buying a sim rig that costs as much as a new Porsche 718 Boxster T can visit Curv's website here. Deliveries will start in the fourth quarter of this year. 

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