Someone Took Their Dodge Ram Dually Pickup to the Autocross

It’s like watching a whale navigate its way along a small creek.

byRob Stumpf|
Dodge News photo

Everything is a sports car if you try hard enough, or so they say. At least that is what this particular gentleman who decided to take his full-size cone slayer to the autocross thinks.

The SCCA called autocross an event that pits driving skill and vehicle handling against the clock. The driver must navigate their way around a course to place in the event, all while staying between a set of cones which define the path that all vehicle must take. It's fun, cheap to try out (all you need is your own car), and is truly exhilarating.

The drive of this humongous pickup was clearly here to have fun. It barrels around corners, taking most wide because of the truck's not-so-nimble turning radius. He managed to tame the beast as it ran the course, especially since only a single cone was knocked over during the entire run. As a bonus, this particular Dodge happens to be offered with a manual transmission, which adds to the fun even more.

All things considered, this driver thrashed his pickup truck around the track pretty well. According to the announcer, apparently a Ford Excursion ran the course as well, which the 3500 happened to best in time. If you're looking for a fun automotive related sport, and don't want to throw a ton of money at it to decide if you like it, autocross is always an option - though you might want to sink your savings into it after experiencing it firsthand. This is a perfect example that any car can hit the pavement and provide enjoyment to the driver.