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If A 5 Year-Old Can Change A Lambo’s Oil, So Can You

A welcome walkthrough from a kindergarten mechanic.

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If you’re the DIY-type and happen to have purchased a 2004 – 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo, you may need to complete your first oil change very soon. It’s not a daunting task, nearly anybody can do it, including five-year-old Marcus, proclaimed Kindergarten Mechanic. Watch as he walks you through how to complete the very first oil change on your new supercar.

Now, I’ve wrenched my way around quite a few cars and have driven more than I can count. But I’m pretty sure this kid has me bested in the cool department, and he’s only a fifth of my age! His parents seem to be set on promoting a petrolhead future for him, which is completely okay. After all, not only is learning to work on a car a great skill to teach your kids, but working on a Lamborghini might move you up a few notches with your friends (though this Star Wars Landspeeder toy might be a bit more appealing to him right now).

I personally have never witnessed the process of changing the oil in a Gallardo, but after watching the video, I can definitely say that the oil filter is not in the most friendly location. Nested under the intake manifold, you might need a set of small hands like Marcus’ to turn the special oil filter wrench in such a tight spot. He then works the lift to raise the car up and removes not one, but two drain bolts (from the reservoir and motor). He stresses the importance to “not be cheap” and replace the washers on the drain bolts as well (good advice, Marcus). Afterwards, he reinstalls the bolts and filter, then fills the car with fresh Liqui Moly oil to complete the change.

After Marcus revs the car at 2,000 RPM for a bit (presumably to move the oil around the engine’s journals without too much stress), you get to check out a few more supercars riding in a pack with the Gallardo, so stick around to give a listen to some great exhaust notes and a little bit of  wind noise from the camera. It’s fun to see parents get their kids involved with cars, especially since enjoying them is so important. Great job, Marcus.