Watch a Ferrari F430 Smack Into a Lamborghini Gallardo

Sorry for the vertical video.

Today’s unfortunate car crash video features not one, but two of the coolest cars of 2004. Namely, a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. Judging from the cones and empty parking lot location, I’d wager this was some sort of autocross event. While the Gallardo was stationary and being fueled, the F430 frolicking nearby seemingly locked its wheels up over the very wet surface and—even with an alleged professional driver at the helm—slid right into the Lambo’s front end. From YouTube channel tantheman

Ouch. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anybody was hurt, except in their wallets. According to the poster, “A professional driver was ‘warming up’ when he crashed . My friend wanted a cool snapchat video when all the sudden he got a really good snapchat. He was mad about them crashing because he was going to drive those cars later in the day. The professional driver blame’s it on the rain…. hahaha lame.” He also managed to get video of the aftermath:

The damage sustained doesn’t look too severe, and can probably be fixed. Despite the supercars’ combined age, the repair bills from this crash definitely won’t be cheap.