Watch This Lambo Shoot Flames All Over a Ferrari’s Hood

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"

If by some chance you haven’t been on YouTube since the Lamborghini Aventador launched in 2011, the car can spit some serious flames. With such a short exhaust path from the rear-mounted engine, there are plenty of chances for unburnt fuel to make it out the back and ignite on the hot tailpipe. Modders have predictably had a lot of fun with this over the years, and though the usual victims are the Lamborghinis themselves, a video making the rounds today shows what happens if you don’t leave enough space between your car and the spicy end of an Aventador. 

Taken from the POV of a man driving a Ferrari 458 Italia (Spyder?) following an Aventador through some unknown European city, the video shows the two supercars high-revving their way around a corner and down a short residential street. What starts out as a possible dick-measuring contest quickly devolves into something much funnier as the two ease up to a yield sign at a traffic circle and the 458 pulls a little too close. The Aventador passes some gas (probably due to the aforementioned revving), sending flames shooting onto the Ferrari’s hood as the driver futilely yells “Stop!” four times. 

It’s easy to poke fun at the silly Ferrari driver and his first-world problem, but it’s got to be one horrible feeling to see your $260,000 car almost get barbecued by some fool. Doesn’t stop us from laughing, though.