Patient Allegedly Steals Ambulance and Leads Police on Wild Chase

This is becoming an all too frequent occurrence. 


Well, it has happened again, another ambulance has been stolen from a hospital ambulance bay. According to Prince George County Police, a Prince George County Fire Department ambulance was stolen around 6 a.m. by a patient who was just discharged from the hospital, according to WTOP.

It is still unclear how or why William Person, 43, stole the ambulance but according to officers, Person had a "thousand mile stare," throughout the whole pursuit, according to WTOP. Thanks to a vehicle tracking device, authorities were able to track down the ambulance within 15 minutes. Persons did not stop when police attempted to pull him over and proceeded south down Indian Head Highway. Once the ambulance reached the Charles County line, Sheriffs deployed spike strips, popping two of the ambulance's tires. At this point in time, the ambulance turned around and drove back into the suburbs of Prince George County, according to WTOP.

Releasing the increasing threat, authorities were determined to stop the ambulance. Due to the size of the vehicle, a pit maneuver wasn't the ideal tactic and officers opted to box in the vehicle until it came to a stop. Once the vehicle came to a stop, Persons was taken into custody without incident.

This is the second time an ambulance has been stolen from a hospital this year and it raises the question how well are departments securing their vehicles.