Let a 12-Year-Old Teach You How to Change Your Oil

Oil changes are so easy, even a preteen can do it.

byChris Constantine|
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While bleak and often annoying, making sure your car's fluids are fresh is paramount in keeping your vehicle alive and healthy. Unfortunately, car maintenance requires lots of work and society has gotten pretty lazy about this kind of thing. As the younger generations lose interest in cars, they also lose the desire to take care of their own vehicles; that means that fewer and fewer people know how to actually work on them. However, a 12-year-old girl from Ontario wants to change that.

Reddit user 'superluke' posted a video on the Cars subreddit page yesterday showing his preteen daughter Josie changing the oil of the family's 2006 Chevy Malibu. Although the video misses a couple of somewhat optional steps, it's a pretty straightforward tutorial that even the most novice car owners can understand. Just remember to use the correct tools (i.e. a socket instead of that wrench on the oil filter); with the slight errors in mind, this tutorial is nearly as good as the WikiHow page.

This post is also a friendly reminder that starting 'em young on wrenching is a sure-fire way to get your offspring to take good care of the family cars and might even get them to enjoy automobiles if they don't already. 

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Now that you've seen someone who can't even legally drive perform an oil change, what's your excuse?

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