What’s the Most Obscure Factory Option You Know Of?

The Pontiac Aztek’s built-in tent is neat, but everyone already knows about it. Tell us about an option you think nobody has heard of.

byJames Gilboy|
What’s the Most Obscure Factory Option You Know Of?

Did you know the Pontiac Aztek had an optional tent that popped out of the trunk? Of course you did, every car blog out there has published at least one story on the Aztek's well-documented camping package. So played-out is the trunk tent that it wasn't even news when Suzuki added the option to its cult hit off-roader, the Jimny. Piquing the interest of online auto aficionados requires discovering something more obscure, like the Chevrolet Bolt's available back-seat delete. That's why on this smoky Thursday, we ask our readers to share their knowledge of the following:

What's the Most Obscure Factory Option You Know Of?

By factory option, of course, we obviously mean a feature, gizmo, or package for a vehicle produced in significant numbers, be it road-legal or otherwise. This excludes neat standard equipment, like umbrellas in Rolls-Royces, or obscure submodels, like Mitsubishi's Evo-equivalent minivan. Also, because this is about factory options, that counts out third-party upfits like campers, body conversions, or coachbuilders' aftermarket add-ons, like gun cases.

We're talking weird original equipment, like the analog navigation systems in '80s Hondas, or if you know of such, the earliest available car phone. The original Porsche Cayenne's optional trunk-mounted spare also counts and is so odd-looking it must be seen to be believed. Not the most stylistically graceful touch on a historic Porsche, but then again, Porsches of that period weren't really lookers to begin with. (Sorry, Stef, but we'll have to agree to disagree here.) Official accessories like BMW's "Natural Air Fragrance Holder" and line of air fresheners are also kosher, though whether they smelled good, we'll leave you guys to decide.

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