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First Photos of 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Emerge After Nameplate’s 29-Year Hiatus

Just some badging and a start button, but it's something.

We’ve known that a new Grand Wagoneer is coming since early 2019, however, coronavirus delayed the vehicle’s production just like it delayed or canceled everything else. As a result, we’ve been depending on spy shots and rumors for the bulk of our information. But now, finally, Jeep has given us a tiny peek at the vehicle via a text-less post on Twitter. It’s not much, but it’s something.

The images were posted this morning and they show part of the Grand Wagoneer’s badging—the letters “EER” and an American flag—and the vehicle’s leather-wrapped start/stop button. 

Last week, Jeep also teased the SUV with a different tweet, but that one only had words, no images.

These two images add to the admittedly small amount of information we already have about the upcoming SUV. It’s suspected to be on the Ram 1500 platform, it will have three rows, and V8 power—it’s a Chrysler product, let’s be real—is likely. It’s also likely that the Grand Wagoneer will have a more eco-friendly, plug-in hybrid option as well. 

And since these tweeted images only give us the last three letters of the truck’s name—not the first three—we don’t know if we’re looking at a regular Wagoneer or a Grand Wagoneer—though judging by last week’s hint it’s probably the latter. It’s reasonable to speculate that this is the Grand version due to its gold-trimmed badging and leather-wrapped start button, but we don’t know. We also don’t know if wood paneling will be available on this truck like it was on the original Wagoneer. It’s certainly possible, but whether it will actually look right on a modern car is definitely questionable. I’m sure that people will buy it either way.

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