Voyo Adds Engine-On Alerts to Prevent Suffocation

The Voyo app will alert users if they leave the ignition on.

byJustin Hughes|
Voyo Adds Engine-On Alerts to Prevent Suffocation

It may seem silly for someone to forget to turn their car off when they park, but it's no laughing matter. Keyless ignitions and engine start-stop features make it easy for someone to leave the ignition on, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. On Thursday, Voyomotive, makers of the Voyo car monitoring app, announced an update that will alert users if they walk away from their cars with the ignition left in the "on" position.

“While some recent models of cars may issue an audible noise when the vehicle has been left in an unsafe condition, the driver is left guessing on the nature of the problem or corrective action to take. All too often, these audible alerts are ignored.” Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive, told The Drive. “Lookout Alerts are a powerful way to address the issue by sending a warning with an exact description of the problem to a driver’s mobile phone.”

Voyo is an app that used a data connection and a diagnostic port dongle to monitor the operation of one or more cars. While typical systems provide running and diagnostic information, Voyo goes far beyond these systems to provide remote real-time telemetry from multiple vehicles, such as GPS tracking or anti-lock braking activation alerts


In this case, when a driver walks away from the car while the ignition is on, Voyo can be set to text, email, or alert within the Voyo app. This alert includes the time of the event, the identity of the driver, and the vehicle's location.

The engine-on alert is just the latest Lookout Alert added to Voyo. Others include speeding, low tire pressure, hard braking, and swerving. Future versions of Voyo will include alerts for headlights left on, dome lights left on, the door or trunk left open, and power accessory mode status.