Former F1 Driver Crashes LM-Spec McLaren Senna in Monaco

McLaren only built 20 or so examples of the high-strung hypercar to begin with.

byJesus Garcia| UPDATED Jul 27, 2020 1:26 PM
Former F1 Driver Crashes LM-Spec McLaren Senna in Monaco

The big news buzzing around the web is that ex-Formula 1 racing driver Adrian Sutil crashed his McLaren Senna LM in Monaco over the weekend. In case you're unfamiliar, that's an even faster, even rarer Senna than the "standard" hypercar. The Woking manufacturer built a small batch of them to commemorate the F1 LM that propelled it to Le Mans victory in the '90s, though now, there's one less example prowling the golden-bricked roads of the Principality.

Photos of an orange, smashed Senna have been shared rampantly on social media, including a video clip of the car being taken away on a flatbed tow-truck. The banged-up Senna with body panels ratchet-strapped to the car was posted on Reddit, where commenters hazed Sutil for a similar crash he had in an F1 car at Monaco a few years back.

It's unclear exactly how the wreck took place or if Sutil suffered any injuries, though the car's front-end is undeniably trashed. Even with Sutil being a well-versed racing driver, it's not hard to believe that the Senna LM is a handful on public roads. It's actually based on the Senna GTR track car, albeit with modifications to make it legal on highways and city streets. Still, it touts somewhere around 800 horsepower—a good bit more than the normal Senna's 789 hp.

McLaren is said to have built just 20 of these in total, with build slots being allocated for only the most loyal and well-off customers. Sutil certainly fits the criteria, given his (admittedly mixed) career in motorsport's top series. Oh yeah, and the bar fight he had with Lotus F1's head honcho in a Shanghai night club.

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