Mercury Never Made a Sable Convertible, But You Can Own This 1-Of-1 Show Car

This obscure and glamorous cabriolet can be yours for $21,900.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Jul 2, 2020 11:32 AM
Mercury Never Made a Sable Convertible, But You Can Own This 1-Of-1 Show Car

If there were a Taboo-meets-The Price Is Right-style game in which you had to guess the selling price of a "one-of-a-kind, convertible '80s concept car," how much would you wager it costs? A couple hundred thousand—maybe even a million? Well, what if I told you one of those can be had for around the same price as a Honda Civic Sport? 

Listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace is this first-generation Mercury Sable Convertible with an asking price of just $21,900. Okay, so it isn't the Dodge Viper prototype you were probably picturing, but in a weird way, this might be an even cooler buy.

Available in both sedan and family-friendly station wagon forms, the Mercury Sable and its Ford Taurus sibling came on the scene in the mid-'80s and will likely be a source of great nostalgia for anyone who grew up around that time. I feel like every cul-de-sac had at least one driveway that was home to a wagon Taurus or Sable, immediately distinguishable by its skinny, verticle taillights. Who knew a convertible version existed? Well, it didn't.

According to the listing, the drop-top Sable has just 9,800 miles on the odometer and was built for the 1989 SAE International Congress and Exposition in Detroit, presumably to show how a convertible top would work on a family sedan platform. It was put together by Cars & Concepts, a Brighton, Michigan special vehicle manufacturer that was, according to this report, previously responsible for the Fox-body Mustang convertible and was even sought out to build a roofless version of the De Lorean before that whole company went bust. So, while this isn't exactly a factory-built concept (as the ad sort of makes you believe), it's still a cool and obscure ride.

The Sable convertible is being sold now by a car dealership manager in Austin, Texas who says the one-off show car has been professionally maintained. "I manage a car dealership so the car has been well taken care of," the listing reads. "I have had the car fully serviced in my service department and it's been kept waxed and clean by my detail department. The car is in great shape but needs a little light touch up."

In case you don't have nearly 22 grand lying around, the seller also says he's willing to entertain trades for vehicles "of equal interest." Anybody have a convertible Buick Regal they're kinda sick of?

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