‘Le Mansory’ Is a Carbon-Fiber Laden Worst-Case-Scenario Ford GT

Behold the Mansory Le Mansory. Yes, really.

byStef Schrader|
Ford News photo

We're all familiar with Mansory's schtick by now: Take an expensive car, give it a more garish interior, and then add a ton of extra bits onto it that usually have no other purpose than to say, "I can afford gaudy carbon fiber pieces." Voilà, you have a Mansory! They're the high-end equivalent of that kid who stuck every conceivable AutoZone accessory on the outside of his car. 

After you've poured all of your efforts into finding new ways to throw a car's aerodynamics down the toilet, naming these things must get tiring. That brings us to Mansory's latest creation based on the Ford GT: the Le Mansory

That's right: it's the Mansory The Mansory. 

Didn't we just go through this with the Ferrari LaFerrari? And why is this the name given to a Ford GT kit and not one for, oh, I don't know...that Ferrari TheFerrari? I have so many questions, but since The Mansory hurts my very soul to look at, I'm not sure I want them answered. 


Worse yet, this poor, mangled Ford isn't the first Le Mansory in Mansory's portfolio. There's a Bentley GT/GTC-based Le Mansory and Le Mansory II. A play on "Le Mans" would be understandable given the Ford GT's history, but the existence of these prior Bentleys nukes that theory from orbit. Instead, this a completely uncreative name has been reused three times across Mansory's line. We couldn't even get another incredible name like "Star Trooper," "Billionaire" or "Vivere Diamond Edition." Nope! Mansory reused the laziest name in its catalog instead.

As you can probably tell from the extra drag added to the front end alone, this poor Ford GT has been modified primarily for show. The Le Mansory Ford GT comes with a modest power bump from the original 2017 Ford GT's 647 horsepower to 700 hp and 620 pound-feet of torque. 


Yet we all know the real reason you're getting it is Mansory's full carbon fiber body (to replace the Ford GT's existing carbon fiber body) with Mansory's bespoke "Bleurion Race" color and custom LED headlights. You need something hopelessly garish to rack up tickets on a "lifestyle rally" or blandly feature on Instagram or some inane YouTube channel, and here you go.

The interior has giant Mansory logos all over, too—just in case you forgot who made your Mansory The Mansory.

Only three The Mansory Ford GTs will be sold worldwide, thank goodness. Mansory says it's for "one car per decade," as this is the company's 30th year in business. 


No pricing was listed for the Mansory The Mansory Ford GT, but if you have to ask, you should probably leave Multimatic's finest road-car work alone. Ford's been putting out its own special editions of the Ford GT lately, and the already 700-hp Mk II should, you know, actually work better than the original. 

Now, please, Mansory—when will you and Ferrari give proper credit to the Renault Le Car for your lazy supercar names?