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Mesmerizing Nissan Skyline R32 Taillight Mod Mimics a Futuristic Hologram

And it's all managed by a repurposed Nintendo controller.

Adding aftermarket lighting to your car is hit or miss as you run the risk of looking ridiculous while also putting the safety of other drivers in question. Wild LEDs, massive light bars, and improperly adjusted HID headlights are more distracting than anything while on the road, but if done right, you can add a cool sense of customization to your ride. Example A: This Nissan Skyline R32’s taillights that are subtle but still innovative and borderline hypnotizing.

Creative vehicle lighting just happens to be Skeptic Innovations and Infinity Illuminations’ specialty. Not only did they replace the old halogen housings on this Skyline, but in their place are some ridiculously sweet optical units that give off a recessed holographic look, making the lights look like they’re tunneling deep into the abyss.

The best part of it all—they’re wirelessly controlled by a re-purposed Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller. Furthermore, the team also programmed the remote to actuate the car’s power locks by pressing the “A” or “B” buttons, the trunk release via the “Select” button, and even the remote engine start, which fittingly works with the controller’s “Start” button.

The taillights’ integrated LED strips can also cycle through various programmed patterns, colors, and highlights, all of which are selected on the modified NES controller. The fun doesn’t stop there, either, as the headlights are also capable of switching colors; the true party piece, though, is out back.

As visually enticing as it is, we’d be a little skeptical as to how safe such lights are at nighttime and when on the road. Luckily, standard taillight colors red and amber are available to select so you and other drivers are safe while on the road.

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