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Craigslist Find: Pimp My Ride Alum 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan Listed for $850

Interestingly, the original owner's Plymouth minivan was in such bad shape, MTV bought a Dodge stand-in and "pimped" it instead.

We’ve seen plenty of unique cars pop up on Craigslist over time but none have really captured what the ’00s were like better than this 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan that was modified by the mad geniuses at MTV‘s Pimp My Ride. (MTV actually referred to it as a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager Expresso. More on that later.)

Finished in pink and purple mainly because the owner was a young, fashion-conscious woman, this Clinton-era minivan was fitted with the works. There’s an obligatory Coustic sound system in the back, a total of nine screens scattered throughout, a jewelry-making station, a “disco-lighted” floor, and—as it sits—what appears to be a different wheel on all four corners. All yours for just $850.


It does need some TLC, though. Much of the lower bodywork has been pretty badly scratched and damaged. According to the seller, it’s been sitting for more than four years and needs “brakes, alternator, idler pulley, coolant line, and a serpentine belt.” Also, the airbag light is on. And it needs “a couple of tires.” 

Notably, the “vroom box” mentioned by Mad Mike on the show that presumably pumps fake engine noises into the speakers (sound familiar?) was apparently removed by MTV before delivery. 

We got in touch with the seller who gave us some interesting info on how he came to own the car and why it’s listed as a ’99 Dodge Grand Caravan when the TV show clearly depicted it as a ’98 Plymouth. 

“Laila’s van was such a piece of junk it was not worth investing in so the show bought a 77,000-mile, beautiful condition Dodge Caravan and pimped that,” he told The Drive via email.

“It is a bit of a story, but she sold it to me to pay for her wedding/honeymoon,” the seller added.

This isn’t the first time this particular Grand Caravan has surfaced via online classifieds. Last year, the same van was spotted by our own Stef Schrader being hocked on Craigslist for $1,400. Even with its quasi-celebrity status, it appears this Pimped Out van is having a bit of trouble finding a new owner.

While nobody wants much to do with the car itself, the PMR episode in question is definitely worth a watch. It can be found here in its entirety if you’ve got the free time.

I challenge you to not laugh when shop owner Beau questions painter Luis’ original plan to spray “glamor girl” Laila’s van jet black with flames down the side and skulls everywhere, only for Luis to respond, “Hell the f**k yeah!” 

It’s 2007—a girl can have her car in any color she wants, Beau.