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Rare 1987 Toyota 1 Ton Crew Cab With Only 94,000 Miles Surfaces for Sale at Kansas Dealer

Looking for a price tag? You won't find one. This is a highest-bid situation and the dealership is now taking offers.

At Eddy’s Toyota of Wichita, Kansas, there sits possibly the cleanest 1987 Toyota 1 Ton in existence outside a museum, with a flawless body and barely 94,000 miles on the clock.

A variant of the truck known abroad as the Hilux, the 1 Ton (it was actually named that) was a pickup as its name described. However, unlike the heavy-duty Fords and Chevys of today, it earned this name thanks to its impressive payload capacity of 2,655 pounds—still a far cry from the 2020 Ford F-350’s top rating of 7,850 pounds. It can also tow 5,000 pounds, making this quite the respectable mini truck. 

This example is notable not only for its unblemished body and low odometer reading but also for its crew cab, which was never offered as an option on this generation of Hilux (it only went up to the extended Xtracab).

A lack of charge piping under the hood means this truck is powered by an updated version of the 22R-E, a 2.4-liter, naturally aspirated four-cylinder with a single cam and just two valves per cylinder. Its 113 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque may sound paltry to owners of more modern one-ton trucks, but this ‘Yota can wring out every drop of that power with its five-speed manual and do it all day because 22R-Es are known for being nearly indestructible.

1987 Toyota 1 Ton with custom crew cab, Harrison Barnette on Facebook

Save for some cracks in its leather seat trim, the interior is as clean as the underside of the hood and could belong to a truck kept in a museum if not for a modern stereo head unit slotted into the center console. Aside from that, the clean cloth and absence of dust make the truck look even fresher than its 94,992-mile odometer implies and could make this vehicle a surprising Concours d’Elegance competitor.

After a quick phone call, an Eddy’s Toyota representative confirmed to The Drive that the truck currently belongs to the dealership owner, and they’re accepting offers. But don’t expect to walk away with this gem on the cheap—they’ve already turned down a $12,000 bid from one customer.