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Rare 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO Stolen During Test Drive Recovered by German Police

It's unclear at this moment if the $2M Ferrari was found in good condition.

A 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO worth upwards of $2 million has been recovered by German authorities after it was stolen during a test drive gone wrong earlier this week.

We first reported on the theft Tuesday afternoon, as claims that a rare Ferrari had been unlawfully taken away from its owner during a private meeting to sell the car surfaced in Germany. The identities of the parties involved, or any other details for that matter, have not been revealed by the police but we do know that the car was promptly recovered in a garage near the Grevenbroich area. According to the Washington Post, the car was reportedly stolen in Dusseldorf, so if our Google Maps skills serve us right, the thief only drove the exotic about 30 minutes before stashing it for the night.

Police are on the lookout for the thief but have not released any possible names connected to the robbery. A sketch was released locally by police with the hope that someone in the area might recognize him and contact the authorities. As for the condition of the car, German police did not say if it had been dismantled or found in the same condition that it was stolen in. However, considering this Ferrari’s pedigree, chances are someone was either joyriding temporarily or was attempting to export the vehicle so it could be sold to a wealthy overseas collector.

The Ferrari 288 GTO is considered by many Maranello loyalists to be the model that kicked off Ferrari’s supercar series. The most experienced car collectors typically aim to amass the GTO, F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari.