LA Dodgers’ Owner Readies His Weapons-Grade Ford Raptor Trophy Truck

Dubbed “Fastball,” the Raptor trophy truck is looking to take the desert by storm.

byJonathon Klein|
Ford News photo

Though the Los Angeles Dodgers lost the World Series last season, the team’s owner, Bobby Patton, hasn’t let the loss get to his head as he looks to claim a very different set of wins behind the wheel of his brand-new Jimco trophy truck. 

Built ahead of the 2019 season, the Jimco trophy truck is affectionately known as “Fastball” and sports (get it) a Dodgers-themed blue livery with white Dodgers lettering. The Jimco-built machine was finished last November, but has only recently seen action in the San Felipe 250 earlier this month. The chassis was built in-house by Jimco and features a 125-inch wheelbase and a 92-inch track width. Powering the 5,100-pound machine is a Score Spec Chevrolet Performance LS3 worked over by Danzio Performance and backed by a 3-speed Turbo 400 built by Gearworks. 

17-inch Trail Ready beadlock wheels shod with 40-inch BFGoodrich KR3 tires ground the Fastball to the desert floor, while Fox Shocks are employed to give Fastball its 26-inches of travel at the front and 32-inches of travel at the rear. Ensuring the trophy truck’s safety, Jimco built a custom aluminum fuel cell with a Pyrotect Bladder large enough to hold 80 gallons of fuel.

Inside the Raptor trophy truck is a Lowrance HDS5 lead navigation unit and a Kenwood radio with intercom function so driver and co-driver can communicate with one another and their pits. There is also Impact HS1 racing seats with a full safety harness treatment. As for the driver's, Patton himself, along with his friends Tim Vail and Barry Karakas, will participate in the season’s events. 

Speaking ahead of the race, Patton stated “I can’t wait to bring Fastball down to San Felipe. April is an important month in both baseball and off-road racing, as each sport’s top teams work hard to establish themselves early in the year. We know we’ve got the players to do that with the Dodgers, and we’re hoping to match that intensity and those results with Fastball.” Unfortunately, the team placed 20th in class in the opening race. However, the team is still getting to know the new trophy truck as their first desert experience was behind the wheel of a Vintage Class 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser at the Baja 1000; where they accidentally won. 

“Our adventure in Baja was just the start of an incredible adventure,” says Patton, adding, “When we found out we won the 50th Anniversary of the sport’s most prestigious race, we were hooked! But more importantly, we were ready to step out of the minors and work our way up the system, and that’s why we worked with Jimco to bring a brand-new Trophy Truck Spec build to the desert. We can’t wait to see all the off-road fans wearing Dodger blue.”