Subaru Will Recall 2.3 Million Cars Over Brake Light Switch-Induced Ignition Issue

It looks to be the biggest Subaru recall ever.

Subaru has plans to recall a whopping 2.3 million cars over a problem with brake light switches that can cause ignition issues, reports Automotive News. The recall affects Imprezas and Foresters made from 2008 to 2017. Of the 2.3 million potentially faulty Subarus, almost 2 million were sold in the U.S. while the remaining 300,000 are located in Japan. 

Apparently, faulty brake light switches are at risk of leading to ignition issues. Reports say certain household chemicals found in products like perfumes or fabric softeners may “create an insulating barrier on certain switches,” messing up the proper flow of electricity.

While the the campaign is still in its planning stages, it would be Subaru’s biggest recall ever if it indeed does move forward.

The imminent mass recall comes in the wake of plummeting Subaru profits, news of the company falsifying safety testing data, and another sizable recall affecting a total of 400,000 cars. Affecting the Impreza, Forester, and the BRZ as well as its Scion FR-S twin, the recall saw the company completely replacing faulty valve springs, a process that takes at least 12 hours per car and is projected to cost the company $57 million. As a result, It’s been the worst period Subaru’s had financially in the last six years.

Last August, the company had to recall precisely 293 Ascent SUVs over missing B-pillar spot welds. All 293 Ascents were replaced outright. In January, operations at Subaru’s car assembly plant in Gunma, Japan were suspended for two weeks after a power steering defect was found.