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Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus Crew Have Multiple Motorcycles Stolen While en Route From Europe

An awful Christmas present for the thrill-seeking gang.

It’s a rough weekend for the Nitro Circus crew. According to Travis Pastrana, some of the team’s most valuable bikes were stolen, just a few days before Christmas.

After heading back from Europe, they discovered that one of the shipping crates was broken into at the port. Unfortunately, it was the one crate that contained all of the motorcycles. One of those bikes, a prototype Suzuki RM250, made extensive use of Kevlar components for weight savings and was the only one of its kind in the world.

That bike, belonging to Pastrana himself, wasn’t the only significant bike in the bunch. Australian rider Jarryd McNeil, who has won 12 X Games medals, lost his beloved Yamaha. The 27-year-old won several of his X Games honors on that bike, and he had planned on keeping it for life. Thankfully, he still has the medals and the memories…the bike, though, is irreplaceable.

While the entire Nitro Circus show was packed into those crates, apparently, the thieves got lucky, cracking open the crate that held the bikes themselves, rather than the support equipment. It’s possible that the thieves are unaware of the bikes’ provenance. if they were, it’s unlikely they would have taken such recognizable machines.

It’s unclear whether the bikes were stolen in the United States or in France. Either way, keep a look out for some very recognizable motos, covered in sponsor decals and loaded to the hilt with prototype and factory race parts.

Pastrana, along with several of the other riders, has taken to Instagram to urge fans to help track down the bikes. We hope they turn up safe and sound, for the sake of Christmas spirit.