Pony up and Buy This X-Raid-Built, Dakar-Ready BMW X3 Cross Country

It's like a race truck in a box.

BMW’s SUV lineup truthfully isn’t known for its off-road prowess. In fact, BMW coined the name “Sports Activity Vehicle” way back in 1999 when it launched the first X5 in an effort to temper expectations of its new SAV’s 4×4 performance.

Not long after the X5 came the smaller, 3 Series-based X3. While it was inherently a bit more agile given its comparatively miniature size and lighter weight, it still left a good deal to be desired outside of trips to the grocery store and picking up the little ones from school. However, this 2009 BMW X3 CC we found for sale on Race Cars Direct is quite different from most of it’s soft-roading, mall-crawling brethren. That’s because it’s been completely stripped and turned into a full-fledged rally car by regular Dakar assaulters X-Raid.


Originally built in 2009, this monstrous X3 has been upgraded and rebuilt several times, most recently in June of 2018. Per the ad, it’s been upgraded to full Dakar spec, complete with a twin-turbo, 3.0-liter BMW turbodiesel engine backed up by a six-speed sequential gearbox.


Given the barren, desolate locales of many rally events, it’s important to note that this X3 CC comes with an onboard tool kit featuring rudimentary spares, as well as a tire inflation setup, jack system, and water bottles. There is also a staggering array of communication and telemetry tools on-hand to help you and your crew keep an eye on things.

In addition to the completely refreshed X3 CC, the seller is also offering the buyer use of a full support team, spares, and transportation for the 2019 Dakar Rally. If your pockets are deep enough, all you really need is a helmet, a suit, and an itchin’ to go racin’.