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Panoz to Use New Self-Healing Paint on Its Cars

This treatment can repair itself in the heat of the sun.

byTalon Homer|
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Independent sports car and racing manufacturer Panoz recently announced that its new cars would get Feynlab's self-healing paint protection

ceramic coating. Panoz cars are made to be driven hard, and this product will give them an extra layer of defense against the brake dust and road tar that can collect on a race track and everyday streets.

"We're really excited to be partnering with Panoz on their latest builds as we feel both companies have a lot in common," Feynlab head of development John Suerth told The Drive. "We are both pushing the technology envelope in our respective industries, always striving for that next great breakthrough. And of course, both FEYNLAB & Panoz are USA companies, of which, we are very proud."

The ceramic compound, called a "nano-coating," was originally created to protect fragile circuit boards inside electronics. Feynlab has since adapted the product for automotive use. The coating is applied by using a sponge or suede cloth, then cures with time, another company representative told The Drive.

The ceramic chemically bonds to the car's factory paint, and creates a smooth, glossy layer on top of it. Much like a clear bra or coat of wax, the nano-coating keeps water, dirt, and grime from coming in contact with the paint. Unlike other products, the Feynlab compound is a semi-permanent application. As such, the car's paint must be perfectly clean and free of imperfections before use, which can be a challenge to achieve.

An Aston Martin showing off its new coat., Feynlab

After it's applied, Feynlab said that the ceramic coating gives the paint an extra shine. It will also protect the vehicle from everyday hazards, like the sun's ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and bird droppings. The top-of-line feature, however, is the healing "memory polymer" inside the nano-coat. During the curing process, this polymer is set in its default state. If swirls and scratches make their way into the coating, then the owner can repair them by simply parking the car in direct sunlight. The heat will cause the polymer to return to its remembered state, and the scratches will vanish.

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You won't have to buy a six-figure Panoz car just to take advantage of this protection. Feynlab has also partnered with a network of auto detailers, exotic dealers, and marine shops around the world that have been certified in using the self-healing coating. These professionals can apply the product to just about any gloss or metallic paint. The basic protective coating starts at around $500, while the self-healing compound that Panoz uses is more in the $2,500 range. In addition, Feynlab produces a variety of consumer-grade detailing products that can be used at home.

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