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2.6M Hondas and Acuras Recalled for Faulty Fuel Pumps. Yes, Even the NSX

You think NSX owners will mingle with ILX owners while waiting for their cars to get fixed?

It isn’t every day that a $25,000 compact sedan owner and a $170,000 supercar owner show up at the same dealer, at the same time, for the same service. However, that very well may happen quite soon, as Honda is recalling more than 2.6 million cars, from 2017-2020, for faulty fuel pumps. What’s more, several Acura models are included—even the NSX.

According to Honda, the recall is to replace Denso-supplied fuel pumps which could fail and cause engines to stall while driving. If the engine stalls on the move, certain systems like power steering and braking will stop working in tandem. Last I checked, those are pretty important. Thankfully, Honda isn’t aware of any crashes related to this fuel pump failure.


The issue is with the fuel pump’s internal parts, as Honda claims the affected pumps’ impellers were improperly molded. Over time, the faulty impellers can deform, damaging the internal fuel pump body, and causing it to fail. No fuel pump, no fuel, no engine. Unfortunately, Honda doesn’t have enough replacement parts to fix every recalled vehicle immediately, so owners will start getting notices in February to bring their cars in, in waves. You can see the full list of cars being recalled here.

What’s amusing is seeing the Acura NSX on the list. Pretty much every single Honda and Acura model is included in the recall, from the entry-level Honda Fit, all the way up to the nearly $200,000 NSX. This means even Honda’s mighty 600-horsepower hybrid supercar uses the same Denso fuel pump as the Fit. That’s not a knock on the NSX, it’s just funny to imagine an NSX owner and an Acura ILX owner poking at the service department’s basket of snacks and brewing subpar Keurig coffee at the same time, for the same reason. So for just a couple of fleeting hours, entry-level Honda and Acura customers can experience the very same charmed life they would if they had an NSX in their driveway instead.

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