BMW’s M2 Social Media Easter Egg

There’s trivia. Oh, and a chance to actually drive an M2.

byJonathan Harper| PUBLISHED Oct 19, 2015 7:28 PM
BMW’s M2 Social Media Easter Egg

Jon Harper is the The Drive’s social media guru, our watchful eye for all things Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This week, he noticed some interesting stuff going up from BMW USA’s social media accounts. Here’s what he found…

BMW's announcement of the 2016 M2 has the enthusiast community abuzz, and for good reason. Seen by many as a saving grace for a company rife with lux-laden crossover nonsense, the M2 is what we've been waiting for since the limited-production 1M disappeared—small, powerful and, by the standards of its contemporaries, lightweight. Here’s what’s got me interested, though: BMW has taken a novel approach to meting out the reveal, a sort of social media treasure hunt.

Between Instagram and Periscope, BMW has laid out a set of riddles to be solved. In order to "win" the riddle, a keen knowledge of BMW brand history is required. Beginning on Periscope, in a broadcast that has since been removed, BMW gave quick-acting fans an early look at the M2 in real time, with no camouflage. Car fanatics invariably froth at the mouth for sneak peeks and early looks.

The second aspect of this digital scavenger game enters participants in a contest for a chance to be the first consumer to actually drive the M2. The catch? BMW has cleverly ensured that only enthusiasts of the brand will be able to enter.

Riddles begin on a purpose-built Instagram page and lead to four other IG accounts. The trivia digs deep into BMW's roots—in particular, those of the M2’s proclaimed spiritual predecessor, the 2002tii.

We won't ruin it for you. But if you’re a BMW diehard, check out @72to16 and throw your Tyrolean hat in the ring.