I’m Driving a New Subaru Outback. What Do You Want to Know?

There’s something quiet and dignified about a Subaru Outback. I haven’t yet figured out what that is, but I’m spending 10 days with the car so I have some time to mull it over. My loaner is painted a shade of Magnetite Gray Metallic and you should ask me about it!

Subaru calls the 2020 Outback an “SUV” but come the hell on. There’s no convincing me this isn’t just marketing jargon to appease the SUV fanatics. True, the Outback has grown considerably since its introduction in the mid-’90s, but if you want a Subaru SUV, get an Ascent and be done with it. The Outback is a lifted wagon—shaped like one, looks like one—and I’ll not be taking opposing opinions at this time. 


Subaru loaned me the Limited XT version of the Outback, meaning that it has all-wheel drive, a host of driver safety features, a leather-trimmed interior, and the more powerful boxer engine—good for 260 horsepower—that’s hooked up to a CVT. The car’s MSRP comes to $38,755 after you factor in the $1,010 destination and delivery fee. Expensive, I know!

In the five or so hours I’ve spent with it, I can confirm that the seats are comfortable and the visibility is good. I blend in with virtually everything else in almost any given parking lot and I like it that way.

Are you thinking about perhaps getting an Outback in the near future? Anything I can help answer before you walk into the dealership? Ask away!


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