Stock Up On Wrist Gifts With This Seiko Sale on Amazon

Want a nice watch without breaking the bank? Seiko’s got your back.

byChris Tsui|
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You've only got *checks Seiko* a little over three weeks to finish up your holiday shopping. If you've still got presents to buy, why not make it a nice watch? Not too nice, though. No matter how much you happen to love your parent/sibling/spouse/whoever you happen to be buying this for, you ain't made of money. That's where Seiko comes in.

The Japanese brand is famous for offering attractive, high-quality timepieces for way less cash than, say, a Rolex or Omega. Thankfully, Amazon's got a whole bunch of Seikos on discount right now including almost half off of a red-and-blue chronograph whose aesthetic aligns very much with that of the stereotypical Car Dude as well as 11% off a particularly stylish rose gold Presage for women.

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