Amazon Is Still Having a Killer Seiko Watch Sale

Don’t let the crafty collectors have all the fun. Snatch up a couple of these beauties for yourself.

byJonathon Klein|
A trio of Seiko watches currently on sale.

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There are few watch brands so slept on like Seiko. I'm not sure why. They're solid performers that are designed superbly, and they offer a range of types and mechanisms at prices that make it possible for almost anyone to get into collecting — or just wearing a pretty nice watch when they go out.

The brand should be shown some love, especially when it's showing you some with a killer sale going on right now at Amazon. Nearly every single Seiko available on Amazon is on sale. And there's something for watch connoisseurs and newbies to get excited about, not just the bougie watch nerds over at Hodinkee. I kid, I kid.

Why not start your watch collection, get yourself something nice on this lovely, or nab your partner an early birthday/anniversary gift with one of these awesome and on sale Seikos? We've updated this page with a few more watches, as well as took out all the stuff you all purchased! Check out the variety.

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