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RUX May Have the Perfect Storage Solution for Your Outdoor Adventures

It doesn’t know whether it’s a box or a bag.

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There’s no shortage of storage solutions for recreational vehicles. Overlanders, campers, and casual off-roaders have access to all kinds of storage systems to pack their gear efficiently, but rarely do you see two identical setups. That’s because each person has a unique list of demands based on what they’re getting into and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. RUX is a company that recently crossed our radar that is worth checking out if your plans involve leaving the vehicle at any point during your next adventure. 

RUX’s flagship product is the RUX 70L, a collapsable, all-in-one storage system designed to be as versatile and useful in different situations as possible by blending all of the good things about a box and a bag together.

You load the 70L with gear just like any other tote, as the squared structure makes it easy to organize things neatly and use your storage space efficiently. It’s like a bag in that it features multiple straps that allow you to carry it like a duffle bag, backpack, or tote, and it can be totally collapsed when not in use. That’s great for storage of the 70L, but pairing that feature with compression straps allows you essentially alter its size on the fly, which further improves its portability. 

That’s a pretty great concept, but it’s not all the RUX brings to the table. A see-through side, slat wall compatibility, utility rail, and weatherproof design all add to its high functionality. It can even be paired with a useful app to help you find the best way to pack your gear inside. It is a bit expensive, though, with a retail price of $265 but design features like reinforced nylon straps and RF weld construction ensure it provides a lifetime of use. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty to provide peace of mind. 

The RUX 70L might not be the perfect fit for every single situation, but its high functionality does make it something you can count on for a number of situations. Virtually anything that takes you and your gear away from your vehicle, like hiking or camping, is benefited from its multiple carry solutions and collapsible body.  Knowing it’s built to endure whatever you’ll get into is truly what makes it a worthwhile investment for many outdoor enthusiasts. 

What are your thoughts on the RUX 70L? Do you think it’s the right fit for you? Let us know in the comments. 

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