Antigravity Batteries’ Memorial Day Sale Is Stacked With Some of the Year’s Deepest Discounts

Now’s your chance to save 15% on the nicest battery you can buy for your racecar.

byHank O'Hop|
Antigravity Batteries' Memorial Day Sale


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When you think about buying nice things for your car, you probably think of the flashier items. Suspension mods, boost, exhaust, big brakes, that sort of thing. What about the battery? Despite being responsible for cranking life into the thing every time you drive it, the battery is probably one of the last parts you think of splurging on. Well, with Antigravity Batteries' Memorial Day sale, you might consider it. 

Antigravity Batteries specializes in producing lithium-ion batteries for all divisions of motorsports equipment. Its batteries are some of the hardest working, lightest, and longest lasting out there. The only problem is that they're way too expensive of most of us to justify the cost under normal circumstances. However, this Memorial Day weekend, its rolling out several coupons to reduce the overall investment on batteries for cars, powersports equipment, and jump-starters.

I personally would be leaning more toward the 30% in savings on the jump-starters. However, 15% to 20% off premium high-performance batteries stacks up to some seriously deep discounts. Now's definitely the time to jump if you've been waiting to upgrade to a lithium battery for whatever it is you're pushing to the limit this summer. 

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